Paid Web Hosting

There are some criteria we use in assessing paid web hosting providers. This landscape is constantly evolving, if you find anything that's become out of date, please report it. Or if you know of a resource that you've used, suggest it and we'll take a look.

  1. First, does the provider in question offer paid hosting only?
  2. Second, are they positioned in a niche, or are they simply general hosting?
  3. Third, how do they stack up in an apples-to-apples comparison.

Paid Web Hosting Providers

General Paid Hosting Providers

Niche Paid Hosting Providers

In this case, niches here are probably best described as the type of hosting environment being provided. For example, shared, virtual, dedicated. Each of the hosting providers provides packages in one of more of these categories, so we aren't breaking them out on that basis specifically.

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